himmelstein Analog Rotary Torque Transducers, Digital Rotary Torque Transducers, Reaction Torque Transducers, Signal Conditioners and Instrumentation, Torque Calibration Services.

conaxThermocouples, RTD Assemblies, Thermowells, Transmitters,Liquid and Gas Sample Probe, Compression Sealing Glands.

atiRotating Telemetry Systems, Torsional Vibration Monitoring Systems,Wireless Torque Sensing Systems, Torque Transducers.

tecForce and Load Transducers, Pressure Transducers and Transmitters,Amplifiers and Instrumentation.


Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyzers, Electro-Chemical Oxygen Analyzers, Laser Oxygen Analyzers, Combustion Analyzers, Photometric Analyzers, Emissions Analyzers, Gas Chromatograph Analyzers, Moisture Analyzers, Laser Photometric Analyzer, Process Hydrogen Analyzer, Plasma Analyzer.

SOLA II Total Sulfur Analyzer, PrimaPro Process Mass Spectrometer, Sentinel Environmental Mass Spectrometer, FloCal BTU Calorimeter Analyzer, Prima BT Bench Top Mass Spectrometer, Continuous Ambient/Source Gas Analyzers, Ambient Particulate Monitors, Integrated Turnkey CEMS, Laser Based Ambient Analyzers, Mercury CEMS, Nuclear Level and Density Gauges, Sarasota Density Gauge, Paperless Chart Recorders, Ultrasonic Liquid Flowmeter.

Infrared Analyzers, Chemiluminescence Analyzers, Flame Ionization Analyzers, UV Fluoresecence Analyzers, FTIR Analyzers, Photoacoustic Analyzers.

Fixed and Retractable Sample Probes for Natural Gas, Sample Systems, Vibration Resistant Thermowells, GasPT patented natural gas transmitter that measures energy content (BTU), Wobbe, Compressibility and Relative Density.

Wobbe Index, Calorific Value & BTU Analyzer, Combustion Air Requirement Index Analyzer.


Gas Chillers/Coolers, Extractive Gas Sample Probes, Dilution Gas Sample Probes,
In-line Gas Filters, Gas Sampling & Conditioning Systems, Multipoint Sequencers,
Flow Panels.

Bottle & Cylinder Sample Stations, Detector Tube Samplers,
Dual Phase Sample Systems, Flare Gas Samplers, Fixed Volume Samplers,
Resid and Hot Oil Samplers, Acid Sample Systems, Bottles and Accessories.

Pre-Insulated Tubing, Electric Traced Tubing, Steam Traced Tubing, CEM Heated
Sample Lines, Coated Tubing (Any Color), SilcoNert Coated Tubing, Bare Tubing.

aura1High Precision Single and Dual Stage Pressure Regulators, Back Pressure Regulator,
Vaporing Regulators and Automatic Differential Switchover Panels.